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Review: Blazing the Trail (The Dragon Diaries #3) by Deborah Cooke


I absolutely adored this whole series, beginning to end. I am incredibly sad to see it go, especially with that ending. No worries, everything was tied up at the end, my problem is that is DID end. Sigh!

There were several new characters introduced in this final book, and they all played into the story quite nicely. Zoe was just as amazing in this book as she has been throughout the whole series. Deborah Cooke’s character developing skills are extraordinary. I fell in love with each of the guys and girls. They were all individuals with their own quirks and talents and personalities. This is one of the things that makes Dragon Diaries such a special story.  Blazing the Trail, like the other two in the series, was full of action, drama, heartache, happiness, fear, joy, insecurities, confidence. I was never once bored. I could not tear myself away for too long without having withdrawals. Basically, what I am saying, these books are fanfrikintastic.

I would recommend T.D.D to pretty much everyone. It is very age appropriate. Very mild language, nothing overtly sexual ( just some serious googly eyes). I would have no problem letting my 14 year old nephews read it, and my 16 year old niece. Both boys and girls could find it enjoyable. I am 30 years old, and loved it, so I would recommend it to us older folks as well.


The Midnight Garden…


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